Courses for which I have been a TA. In recent years this has often involved teaching a significant portion of the content.

CS 492: Social Implications of Computing

When: W23, S22, S21, W21, S19, W19, S18, W18
Duties: Moderate in-class debates over various social issues within computing, assist students with essay-writing, mark essays, and track participation.

CS 497: Discrimination in Computing

When: W22
Duties: Assist in running class discussions about ethical issues within modern computer science, mark essays, and track participation.

Ethics Seminar - Master's in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

When: F22, F21, F20, W20
Duties: Deliver one third of ethics seminar to graduate students studying data science and AI. This involves preparing material based on a syllabus, delivering it to students, and moderating in-class discussion on the content.

CS 486: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

When: F18, F17
Duties: Mark assignments and aid students within the university's main undergraduate AI course.